Giving patients a voice

Patient feedback is a patient survey and feedback product that allows patients to give feedback following a doctor appointment.

It will become available to practices Australia-wide. I worked with another designer early on in the project, then continued to iterate and refine before release.

project details

Project: Patient feedback

Client: HealthEngine

Role: Visual design, product design (with some collaboration)

Deliverables: User flows, responsive web feedback form, prototype, emailer, responsive web feedback form, user testing


The problem

Many industries have seen a revolution in customer service due to implementation of ratings and reviews, thereby putting greater power in customers’ hands. The health industry was well behind in this area but, for good reason. How do you encourage a patient to rate their doctors service without being influenced by a potentially bad prognosis? A bad diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean bad service. Critical to the project’s success, was making this delineation clear.

Aside from a binary positive or negative rating, HealthEngine did not have a way for customers to give pointed feedback on their experience with practice staff and practitioners. Doing this would help reward great customer service.

The solution

We empowered customers by asking them for their opinion on overall experience at the practice. From a post-appointment emailer, we started their feedback process by first asking them a question about their overall impression: ’Based on your appointment today, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend, family member or colleague?’ Their rating represents their Net Promotor Score (NPS), a well established customer service metric used world-wide.

Tapping on a number from zero to ten in the emailer would direct them to a short online survey with a few more questions about their front desk and in-appointment practitioner experience along with space to add a personal note. At the same time, it would give practices realtime actionable feedback on their Practice Admin dashboard.


High survey completion rate

Since the product went into beta we’ve seen a 35% completion rate for the initial NPS rating question and a 15% response rate for completing the survey in its entirety. This sits well above the average mark of 4% for similar programs.

Patient Pulse, which I also designed, is the free sister product to Patient Feedback which has yielded over 120,000 surveys in the same period so far.

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