Consistent application of a brand

Due to the size of the Telstra business, the consistent application of its brand across multiple touch-points had been a challenge. The goal of the project was to help create a consistent visual brand by delivering a suite of easily usable and scalable app screen templates, along with an accompanying style guide.

project details

Project: Design android app templates and style guide

Client: Telstra

Role: Collaborated on UX, visual design

Deliverables: Android app screen visuals, tasks flows, style guide


The problem

Telstra were outsourcing the design of Android apps to different contractors and internal design teams. As they had nothing to guide their outputs, inconsistency appeared across the board having a negative impact on the iconic brand.

The solution

I worked with an experience designer to create a consistent suite of screens, for an array of different applications that aligned closely with the brand.

Using Material Design as a basis, all screens were to be accessible, easily replicable and scalable. I researched, delivered designs and built the comprehensive sixty page style guide. It included design principles, designing for multiple screens, considerations for device resolution and flexible layouts, applying colour schemes, using graphics and icons and detailed specifications using materials 4px grid system, along with task flows for different screens and resolutions.

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